Month: June 2022

College Football-WSOP and Poker aren’t the Only Ones Tournaments Are Being held

College Football-WSOP and Poker aren't the Only Ones Tournaments Are Being held

Every year, poker players from all over the world gather in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker (WSOP). The event has become a gathering place for the best poker players in the world, but it is not just about playing the final table with your hard earned poker chips. Now, the players are putting up a good face for the millions of television viewers who will be watching the final table as well.

When you hit the casino floor, of course, there are many other sites to “gamble” and play. Most casinos will have a variety of games to bet on, but the one thing you will not find in just about any casino is a poker tournament going on. There is a reason for this though. Most professional gamblers will swear that a poker tournament is the only fair way to bet on a game.

Now, before you run up and down the casino halls looking for “your” big poker tournament, this should not come as a surprise to you. Poker tournaments aren’t like what they used to be. In recent years, Texas Holdem Poker has gained such worldwide recognition that it has been obvious that every casino in the world is holding a poker tournament.

Now, before you run off, we’re not going to just tell you where you can find a poker tournament being held. We’re not going to tell you what the rules are either. Instead, we’re going to tell you what we witness every day at our own Las Vegas Sports Book.

First, you have the professional gamblers. They come to the casino every day, not just to play poker, but to play every other game in the casino. They don’t take a break, never play with their principal or family. Their only purpose for being in the casino is to make a killing as the short-term adrenaline rush feels so good.

Next, you have the recreational gamblers. They come to the casino and have a little fun, maybe play some video poker, have a couple of drinks, make a little money, lose it back to the casino and then go back to their habitual ways of living.

It’s this last group we want to talk about. You’ll hear stories of people taking vacations, buying cars, etc. Well, the casino understands these people. They use them as long vacation generators. How? Set up a group of people, get them to like each other, then take all their money.

Take it from us, it’s a lot easier now that we live online. We can take the time to build a relationship with someone that is willing to do as much for us as we want. How grand it is to “piggyback” someone else’s car, spend the night on a hotel and pay for Tourism attractions. Sounds great, right?

But if you heard the story of how someone needed a new kidney badly enough to need a second one, but could never afford to get the proper surgery, you would probably not fund their procedure either. Kidneys are costly, even when you consider compensation for the time, operating costs, medications and other items.

The point is, you need to pay for your health. Even if you win a nice pot at the Naga303 table, you still need medical attention. So, the money you spend playing poker online will likely be better spent on medical supplies, and/or your next kidney.

So, keep your hands in your pocket, and your fun money in your wallet. We’ll be together again, and you can tell your family that you made it back from the casino. Then and only then, can you call yourself a real gambler.