Online Casinos – Time Your Quitollientus Well!

Online Casinos - Time Your Quitollientus Well!

I am sure most of you read the news paper and internet newspapers these days and if you watch the news, you most likely know something about the casino legal issue. There is a growing discussion on whether online casinos should be covered by legislation in the US or not.

The laws are complicated and there are many factors that come into play. So who is right – the politicians who want to ban online casinos or the large gambling corporations?

To understand the law, you have to know that gambling is currently not illegal in the US and you could still get arrested for gambling. In the last five years there have been very few cases of players being arrested for gambling at an online casino. In 2010, however, Rep. Barney Frank,D- Col reelection, introduced a bill to overturn the UIGEA. His bill did not go over very well and was defeated in the House of Representatives.

Now, what the law does allow us to do is offer very limited protection to players who are almost always operating outside of the US.

So, if you are from the US and you are playing at an online casino that accepts US players, there seems to be good news for you. almost all online casinos now offer you the opportunity to gamble via a non-US company. That means you have even more options available than you could have anywhere else in the world.

To get started, you may want to start with a few of the online casinos that accept US players. When you click on their links, you will find that many offer you the chance to play for free. Of course, some of these are just list sites, so others offer no game at all.

Almost all of these online casinos offer start up bonuses to their new clientèle, so you really can’t go wrong. Quality, variety, choice and superb customer support are what you should consider when selecting an online casino to visit. Your satisfaction is a key factor when choosing an online casino to visit.

Since online casinos tend to be quite different, there will be very few differences between the kinds of casino software you can choose from. The download/loading times for various casino software are all the same for Mac, Windows or Linux users. The best casinos to visit are generally the ones that offer the best support and the only ones with a good reputation with the industry.

There are many games to choose from, everything from the all-time classic games like roulette, craps, baccarat, blackjack, slot machines and panen138. Or you can pick from video poker, virtual table games, or even casino card games where you can simulate all of the above and more. The games available are generally for the experienced casino player but there are also a number of very attractive and attractive video games that play across many different games and card games.

It is easy to get started playing at one of these sites. You just go to the software download page and run the software. Depending on your internet connection, the software will either download the .exe file or you can click the .zip file and it will automatically start the casino. You can enter your user name and password when you download the casino to your computer. The .exe or .zip file can be anywhere from 20 to 50 megabytes in size, depending on the casino, the system you are using and also the operating system on your computer.

The .exe or .zip file is normally a program that is saved onto your computer’s desktop. Most often, these programs are placed in the %windir% directories and most are located in the root of the computer.